adventures of an agent A personally curated journal as seen
through the eyes of a spectacles agent.

Made in Italy – what does that even mean today?

Luxury brands are returning to Italy from Asia, as connoisseur consumers are looking at that “Made in “ label with more critical eyes.

Kaleos Eyehunters – the Spanish romance you want to continue

What happens when a young Barcelonian couple decides to disrupt the independent optical market? Kaleos happens….

The Bauhaus movement – endless inspiration

The Bauhaus movement is an endless inspiration for more than a century of industrial design. See it with your own eyes.

Black Optical is a pioneer in our field

Having been in the optical business for more than 15 years gives you the authority to point out the heavyweights in this business. So here is to one of my favorite heavyweights, Black Optical in the US.

OOG Concept Store in Gdansk Poland – When interior design leaves you wanting more

When I first began seeing images of the OOG store in Gdansk, I got intrigued. Read here why…

Today’s quote - Aristotle Quality is not an act, it is a habit.