adventures of an agent A personally curated journal as seen
through the eyes of a spectacles agent.






My name is Gudlin Ingvarsdottir and I am a native Icelander, born and raised in Reykjavik. After a free and secure childhood at the vulcano island, I moved to Copenhagen Denmark at the age of 19, to study optometry. This city is now my base and hub, where I live with my husband and two children, when travels around Scandinavia and northern Europe are not on the schedule.



I am an optometrist. I have worked as such for 14 years, and therefore I offer both technical understanding and “on the floor” experience, when I reach out to you. I know what can work in your store, and I know which issues are important to address when selling you frames. In my time as optometrist, I communicated with many eyewear agents and visited eyewear fairs throughout the years and these experiences have given me a clear idea of how to run my business and how to best assist you in running yours.


My company

I got the opportunity to become an eyewear agent in 2014, when I began working with Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith in Scandinavia. I have taken some years to curate my brand portfolio and at this moment, I believe that I am working with the best brands, within their fields. Together, Ahlem Eyewear, Jacques Marie Mage, Cutler and Gross and Kaleos represent the most fashion forward, progressive and interesting designs within the independent eyewear scene today.



I believe in connections. Connections between my customers, my brands and myself. I believe that independent eyewear is the way forward. For both your store and the end consumer. I believe that with independent eyewear you have a better story to tell and you are not only selling the end consumer a pair of frames, but an personal expression and experience that excels any other. This is why I want to work with the best and the ones that want to become the best.


I want to work with you.