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Black Optical is a pioneer in our field

Keep your gaze fixed

Having been in the optical business for more than 15 years gives you the authority to point out the heavyweights in this business. So here is to one of my favorite heavyweights, Black Optical in the US.

Gary Black founded his store in 2007 and has ever since been a pioneer and a first mover, when it comes to curating the collections in his two stores. He is a fierce supporter of independent and upcoming brands, and focuses on good design, quality and exclusivity.

But all of this is not what makes Black Optical special, in my humble opinion. What I find extraordinary is their continuous effort to produce their own visual material – ┬áseasonal campaigns, videos or social media presence. It is easy to see that Gary Black is heavily influenced by architecture and art, combined with a unique sense of what visual expression is up and coming at any given moment. Which I find a rarity in this profit seeking business of ours, where mainstream campaigns are meant to hit the masses in an easy and accessible way.


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