adventures of an agent A personally curated journal as seen
through the eyes of a spectacles agent.







When Ahlem Manai-Platt sat in a parisian cafe with friends in 2013, and showed them her first hand drawn sketches of eyewear, their reaction gave her the final shove. They were head over heels. Ahlem, wanting to spend her time creatively and as entrepreneur, now knew the time was right. She founded Ahlem Eyewear.

After a stroke of luck she gained access to one of the small eyewear factories in Oyonnax in France. It was imperative for her, as born and raised Parisenne, to have her eyewear designs produced in France. To work with french artisans and crafters, understanding her uncompromising approach to both design and production. “Made in France” is one of the important parts of the brand’s DNA.

Another important part of the Ahlem DNA is the expression of the collection. Hitting home with customers, both relating to the inspirational source of Bauhaus and wanting to buy quality eyewear, that does not shout, but in a more subtle manner underlines the elegance of the wearer. This is expressed in the collection and thus the urban feeling of the city of Paris is attainable by customers all over the world.

Today, Ahlem Eyewear has grown into a small empire, with both a studio and flagship store on Abbott Kinney in Los Angeles and a new flagship store in Down Town Los Angeles, opening fall 2017.

Ahlem Manai-Platt is currently living in Los Angeles with her US husband and son.