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One of the most iconic brands within our industry was founded by two Londoners, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, in 1969. Seeing the need for exquisitely designed eyewear, the two gentlemen opened a store in Knightsbridge, where bespoke eyewear would be designed and then hand made by the legendary frame maker George Smith, who had a workshop above Cutler and Gross’ boutique. Smith’s wife, Frances, hand dyed all the lenses.

For the next 14 years, Cutler and Gross frames would be made as bespoke orders, one piece deliver to the specific customer placing the order.


Seeing the need for bigger quantities productions, Mr. Cutler and Mr. Gross turned to the well known area of Cadore, Italy to have their frames factory produced. The first model, 0101, would be produced in 100 pieces in 1983.


Cutler and Gross is a brand that captures both the blizzful fast-lane lifestyle of the big city of London, without forgetting the anarchistic punk attitude, seeding and blossoming in London in the seventies. The designs of the frames are overseen by Design Director Marie Wilkinson, who joined the company in 1982, as a trainee alongside Graham Cutler and Tony Gross. She has methodically overseen all designs since 2006, preserving the spirit of Cutler and Gross, but also preparing the brand for the future.


Today all Cutler and Gross frames are produced in Cadore, Italy. The factory is owned by Cutler and Gross and together with the London design team, the artisans working there, handcraft the frames one by one, using their skills and experience, often acquired through many years.