adventures of an agent A personally curated journal as seen
through the eyes of a spectacles agent.







As student at École des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Jerome Mage met professors in art and literature that would inspire him to get to know Dadaism and Surrealism. These artistic movements were very much about provoking, not accepting the known without questions and pushing boundaries that are considered the norm.

Therefore it is not surprising that when Jerome decided to found his eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage, J.M.M. in 2014, he would look into the direction of these inspirations to design his collections and to have them produced. When drawing a shape, the guideline is individualism through creativity and craft.

The collections are produced in Japan and Italy, and every design and production cycle is a masterclass in pushing boundaries and not taking no for an answer. With exquisite materials  and production methods that have not been seen before, every J.M.M. release will surprise you and seduce you into a love relationship. Jerome does not believe in disposable design, but collectable items with a story.

Inspired by rebels, folk-singers, Apache leaders and rebellious artists, the Jacques Marie Mage brand gives you an exclusive collection with a cultural statement.