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OOG Concept Store in Gdansk Poland – When interior design leaves you wanting more

When I first began seeing images of the OOG store in Gdansk, I was intrigued. This was the first time that I saw an optical store with a different kind of vision for the expression they wanted to leave with their customers. I have seen this interior design feeling before, amongst others at Rebekka Notkin in Copenhagen, but for an optical store, this was a first.


Besides choosing the dark green color as a signature, the OOG team and their design team at Mana Design played with the light from the street, the chandeliers and the rustic shelves chosen for the frames making the perfect framing for curious and progressive customers, looking for something more.


Not only is the store space exquisite, the basement where vision testing is conducted is also designed in a surprising manner. The walls have been decorated by the artist Oskar Podolski aka OESU One proclaiming “Everybody’s world is what his eyes can see.” Even the bricks have history.
Borrowed from the ever-inspiring eyewear blog Eye Stylist, here is a quote from the store owner, Adam Kujawski:

“During the Second World War, the old town of Gdansk and the building was completely destroyed. It was rebuilt with a mix of bricks that were left in the ruins. In the walls, it is possible to see an incredible mix of Gothic bricks and much more recent ones from the 20th century.”


OOG runs another store in the city of Sopot, that has also been designed by Mana design. Here you are greeting with a totally different feeling, light coloring on the walls and contrast between black, white and raw wood.

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