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The Bauhaus movement – endless inspiration

This modern art school that became source of never ending inspiration, Staatliches Bauhaus, was founded in Germany in 1919 and closed already in 1933. The fundamental idea of Bauhaus is that functionality, craft and art should be combined in every piece. From the smallest everyday items and art pieces to architecture and design of outdoors environment.

The demand was that the items designed had to be beautiful, well crafted and have a high standard of functionality.

The need for this vision sprung from the fear that mass production, which expanded enormously from the late 1910s and 1920s, would leave our designed environment without aesthetic feeling.

Conflict arose, between artisans and artist on one hand and producers of mass-produced items on the other. Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus Art School called upon craftsmen and artist to unite, and embrace these new technologies. Now there was the chance to create aesthetic environment that all people could afford.

Crafts would have to adjust to the industrial process, so that the designed items could be mass-produced and thereby be attainable for wider consumer circles.

Ahlem Manai-Platt has taken this design philosophy to heart, and it is for her, her first and most influential inspiration. Besides having the main design mantra of beauty, craft and functionality as constant background music in her general design of the collection’s frames, other parts of her designs also show homage to Bauhaus. In her recent release, her sun-clips are laser engraved with a Bauhaus inspired pattern, drawn by Ahlem herself. This pattern is also visible on the titanium nose pads.

The case, formed as a tool box, would be a typical accessory, used by the craftsmen and students at the Bauhaus school. The cleaning cloth also appears with a hand drawn pattern in the Bauhaus spirit.


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